La Relazione di Leopoldo Galeotti sulle scuole del Comune (1870) e le ambivalenze del moderatismo toscano

Salvatore Cingari


The essay deals with Leopoldo Galeotti’s 1870 report about Florentine public schools, a report which so far has not been sufficiently studied by historians. It is useful to study the ambivalence of Tuscan post-Union moderates, divided between a discourse on the acculturation of the lower classes and a different anti-democratic practice. The essay also argues that in the second part of nineteenth-century liberalism was inspired by a view that differs from that of contemporary neoliberalism. While the paradigm of liberalism was based on “exchange”, the neo-liberal one builds upon competition.


Leopoldo Galeotti; Tuscan moderates; Neoliberals; Education; Liberalism; 1870 Report

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2498-9886/6738


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