«La Barca cammina». Per un nuovo epistolario di Leopoldo Galeotti

Liana E. Funaro


Leopoldo Galeotti (1813-1884), a “liberale” and “moderato” connected with all the most important events which led Tuscany from the Granduchy to the Kingdom of Italy, was a successful lawyer, a journalist and a publisher and a member of the Italian Parliament for over twenty years. Affectionately bound to his native city, Pescia, a steady admirer of Sismondi and deeply affectionate to the memory of his nephew Francesco Forti, Galeotti is better known for his political correspondence than for his unpublished private letters. Thanks to unknown archival sources, this article aims at a comprehensive rereading of the whole of his correspondence exchanged between friends, colleagues and well educated ladies belonging to the Florentine salotti. Some meaningful legal cases are also recalled.


Leopoldo Galeotti; Italian Risorgimento; Corrispondences; Women; Tuscany

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2498-9886/6739


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